A Hyderabadi woman who was stranded in Qatar after being attracted to the Gulf country on the pretext of getting a job, has finally been rescued.

The victim Syeda Mariyum, who is now back to the country, alleged that she was offered the job of a nurse in Qatar with a salary of Rs. 40000 per month by an agent named Fatima.

Ms. Mariyum continued, “Our family was facing some financial problems earlier due to which I took her offer and left for Qatar on April 11. After landing there, I was picked up by another agent whose name is also Fatima and she kept me in an office which belongs to Gopal, another agent. Gopal took my phone and locked me in the office for four days.”

Recalling her trauma, she claims that despite being offered the job of a nurse, she was often sent to the residence of Sheikh’s to work as a housemaid. Upon rejecting to follow the instructions, Ms. Mariyum complaint that her employer took her to the Indian Embassy in Qatar and left her there.

She also claimed that “the embassy officials called Gopal, who was already involved in three other cases apart from mine. He was arrested by local authorities. Later, Fatima took me from there and tortured me a lot. She said I should stay in Qatar for five years or else my family should pay Rs. 2 lakh for sending me back to India.”

Considering her poor condition in Qatar, she informed her mother Tabassum Begum about the happenings, adding that “My mother complained to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj through a letter to which the Indian Embassy responded and immediately asked my agent to send me back to India as soon as possible.”

“I would like to thank Sushma Swaraj and the Indian Embassy in Qatar for rescuing me,” added Syeda Mariyum.

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