6 Workers Died after Gas Pipe leaked in Andhra Steel Plant - TNBCLive

Anantapur: In a steel plant at least six workers died and four others were critically ill after they inhaled carbon monoxide. The incident took place on Thursday evening at Gerdau Steel Pvt Ltd near Jambulapadu village. As per sources, workers were unaware to the gas leak as carbon monoxide does not contain any color or odor and they rushed out to ended up inhaling it. The district administration announced Rs 5 lakh compensation for the families of victims and said that they would ensure one family member of each victim get a job in the plant.

The dead bodies were identified as B Ranganath (21), U Gangadhar (37), Manoj Kumar (24), K Siva Maddileti (26) and Guravaiah (40). Ranganath and Gandhar died on spot and four died while being shifted to hospital.

According to the Locals, the incident did not happen the first time. The similar incident also happened earlier in the year 2008. The incident occurred due to the negligence of Gerdau Steel Plant. They said earlier six people had fallen sick of which two died in 2008.

The Anantapur SP said a case has been registered against the company. He also said that the team is investigating all angles and will take action against those responsible if negligence is established.

“Gerdau provided medical aid and the workers sent to local hospital. The company is assisting the family of the victims and is working to determine the cause. It is also extending all cooperation to local authorities. Operations at the unit have been suspended and will resume only after an extensive safety inspection” said Gerdau Steel Management after confirming the incident and the casualties.


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