In an attempt to develop connections with the local audience, Prime Minister Narendra Modi quoted from Thirukural and interspersed his statement with local names.

PM Modi during his address has recalled the bravery of Dheeran Chinnamalai and Tiruppur Kumara and claims that his government was offering “Kamaraj Rule” means the corruption-free rule for the people.

By this way, PM Modi tried to counter the Congress, which declares to bring back “Kamaraj Rule” in the state if come back to power.

After the introduction of several new projects, PM Modi addressed a public rally and unveiled completed projects.

The state has 69 percent reservation and the Prime Minister said that social justice is an article of faith for BJP government and not any mathematical equation.

PM Modi-led government’s decision to offer 10 percent reservation to economically backward sections of the society, he claims that this initiative will define equality of opportunity for all. He continued that 10 percent quota would not hamper the existing reservation for SC/ST and OBCs.

The Prime Minister said that longtime opposition parties will create tension in the society over the issue of social justice. He further said that the height of the lotus flower depends on the pond water’s depth and the height of development of a person depends on his way of high thinking.

Thiruvalluvar’s written Thirukural comprises of 1330 couplets of one-and-half lines, which lays down virtues and people’s way of life.

The Prime Minister also said that people should focus mainly on positivity and commitment to serve the needy to make India that offers a good education to children, proper irrigation facilities to farmers, affordable medicines to old people and more opportunities to youth.

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