Chennai: After Tamil Nadu cabinet’s recommendation to release seven life convicts who have served 27 years in jail, the families of 14 people who died in the suicide attack that killed former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 has objected over the release.

S Abbas (37), at Chennai Padi, who lost in a blast triggered by an LTTE suicide bomber. He was an only eight-year-old child, who also lost his father. He further mentions he was in Orphaned after the former Prime Minister’s assassination, he dropped out after class 10 as there was nobody to look after him.

Mr. Abbas tears roll out when he said “ My mother was brought as a bundle of body parts. Imagine my pain. I cried every day for a long time. Our lives are ruined. No one has come to console us, Let them spend one day with these families and decide late.”

Currently, Abbas runs a watch shop.

One of the survival share its journey after a blast is Shantha Kumari while recalls of horrific incident where the tragedy happen. Her eyes was tearing when she said she lost her sister Sarojadevi in the blast she was herself injured; tiny pellets from the blast that are difficult to be safety removed are still lodged in her skin. She father added “ It took  years for me to recover from the tragedy. They were evil forces who dug out grave standing among us.”

Hence, Ramalinga Jothi, a Congress poet turns hysterical and mentioned that he was over years brought together all the affected families under one umbrella for solidarity. He said with a note “ What an injustice. Killers are listened to and those who killed are taken for granted.”

In a defence, Human Rights say that the convicts have spent 27 years in Jail and they deserve a second chance.

Director of rights group People’s Watch, Henri Tiphagen says judicial custody is not only a punishment but it is also for reformation. Mr. Tiphagen mentioned that “ They have spent half their life in jail. They could become good models of reformation. Let not our politics ruin their chances. This verdict come while describing that being into jail, one of the convicts, Nalini Sriharan, has earned a Master’s degree. Apart from that other convicts are performing new roles- Perarivalan turned into an author, and Murugan and Santham are temple priests in the jail.

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