Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi on Thursday has brought a hateful attack on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. After the day she has entered into the active politics, Sushil Kumar gave a bitter comment on her saying that the Congress was feeling happy “over the induction of a woman with a tainted life partner”.

The senior BJP leader in a tweet makes laugh at the resemblance of Priyanka Gandhi with her grandmother and former prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Mr. Modi mocked her saying, “If a person could become as capable as someone else merely by resembling him or her, by now we would have had many more Virat Kohlis and Amitabh Bachchans. Duplicates do not work in politics. Priyanka Gandhi might resemble Indira Gandhi, but there is a big difference.”

In his speech, he also attacked Priyanka Gandhi’s husband and businessman Robert Vadra comparing him with Indira Gandhi’s husband Feroze Gandhi.

Mr. Modi praised Feroze Gandhi saying that not only he had been a good orator but at the same time he also had been an upright parliamentarian who had the guts to speak against his powerful father-in-law Jawaharlal Nehru.

Sushil Kumar Modi scornfully attacked Robert Vadra saying, “Priyanka’s businessman husband’s irregular land transactions are spread across two states and he is facing probes. If the Congress wants to exult over the induction of a woman with a tainted life partner, it is most welcome to do so.”

On Wednesday, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra entered the politics and she was appointed by her brother and Congress president Rahul Gandhi as general secretary of Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. Gandhi also added that “The BJP is not at all worried. Why should it be when her entry is only going to help us. The Congress has brought in Priyanka with a view to threaten the SP-BSP alliance, with the possibility of a split in their votes. It is a desperate attempt to make Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati rethink their strategy.”


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