Sikh Man, Paralyzed in 2012 US Gurdwara Shooting, Dies - TNBCLive

An elderly man, Baba Punjab Singh was injured and paralyzed after he became injured at a gurdwara in the US state of Wisconsin 2012. The incident left him bed-ridden for almost eight years, reported the media.

As per American Bazaar report, a gunman with neo-Nazi ties barged into the gurdwara in Oak Creek, and attacks on the Sikh community in America on August 5, 2012. Six worshippers were killed while several others were injured in the firing. 

Baba Punjab Singh was one of them who received severe injuries that made him paralyzed. He spent seven and a half years of his life bed-ridden, communicating with others with a “yes” or “no” blinking his eyes.

Speaking for the family his son, Raghuvinder Singh said: “It is with sadness, but also peace and acceptance, that we confirm the passing of my father, Baba Punjab Singh.

“Baba spent his life serving as a Sikh religious teacher who travelled the country and the world delivering ‘kathas’ – orations that share the lessons and history of the Sikh faith.

“My father’s injuries and his passing, along with the other lives lost that day, are a reminder of the toxic hate that still plagues our country,” he added.

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