Delhi unit Chief of Congress Sheila Dikshit admired the party leader Rahul Gandhi for his declaration of an assured income to the unprivileged people of the country, describing it would entirely change the distressful life status of the poor masses. She also honored her party from the ruling party BJP, claiming unlike the Amit Shah led regimentals, the Congress successfully executes the promises they made.

Delhi Congress Chief Ms. Sheila Dikshit told, “This is a historic announcement. It would change the lives of the poor. Ours would be the first nation to have made such an announcement. Thousands and lakhs would be lifted above the poverty line ”.

The former Chief Minister of Delhi, who was selected as the Congress Chief of Delhi earlier of this month, claimed, “We are not the BJP, we are the Congress. We deliver on what we say. We haven’t ever made a promise on which we haven’t delivered”.

The Congress President told his party if they acquire the ruling power in the upcoming Lok Sabha election will secure a minimum income source for the unprivileged people of the country.

Mr. Gandhi told at the farmer’s rally in Chattisgarh, “ The Congress has decided to take a historic decision. The Congress-led government is going to give a minimum income guarantee. This means each poor person in India will have a minimum income. This means there will be no hungry, poor people in India”.

The Congress has been claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not pacified the promises he made before the 2014 general election. In the last year, Rahul Gandhi told that Indian Prime Minister had cheated the people of the country by not fulfilling the promises.

Congress party leader, Rahul Gandhi added, “ Modiji has betrayed the people on the issue of providing jobs to two crore people every year and depositing Rs. 15 lakh cash into their accounts by bringing (back) black money stashed abroad”.

In last year, in the ongoing assembly polling, Congress had promised to the farmers that if the party won the ruling power, their loans will be dismissed. After winning in the assembly polling in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh the party dismissed loans within the days of the establishment of governments in the state.


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