Earlier this month, in Kerala two women of menstruating age, named Bindu and Kanaka Durga entered the Sabarimala temple. According to the sources, one of the two women has been attacked by her mother-in-law.

Today morning, Kanaka Durga has returned to the home. She was hiding nearly two weeks because of threats by right-wing protesters. Her mother-in-law hits on her head and now she is in hospital. Reports said she is now in a stable condition.

Bindu Ammini and Kanaka Durga were the first women who entered the hilltop temple in last 50 decades. They both have been hiding for the last 13 days on the outskirts of Kochi.

On 28th September, the Supreme Court ordered that no women between 10 and 50 years will be allowed to enter the temple but the order of the court has not been accepted by many of the devotees.

Bindu Ammini is a law lecturer by profession at Kerala’s Kannur University and Kanaka Durga is a government employee.

In an interview to the source, Kanaka Durga said, “I knew my life will be in danger but I still wanted to go into the temple. We are proud that we have made it easier for women who want to go to Sabarimala now.”

She said that her family is strongly against her Sabarimala visit. Kanaka Durga also said that it is not only about devotion but also about the equality of gender.

Kanaka Durga has also admitted that she was prevented by lots of people including friends, family and police officers.

After the incident, a day-long strike was held by the members of the BJP and the Congress.

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