On Wednesday, Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangam said that NPP (National People’s Party) will have no pre-election alliance with BJP in any state for the forthcoming Assembly Elections and Lok Sabha Elections.

CM Sangam told sources that “the NPP has been very clear on its stand that we are a party that has its own identity, ideology. Therefore, we will fight the election on our own terms in the states, and we will contest in states where we feel it is appropriate.”

He continued that the NPP had sent clear messages to BJP General Secretary in-charge of North East, Ram Madhav, during a meet on Tuesday with Chief Minister from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Meghalaya, where they will no announce any pre-poll alliance with BJP.

“We are working towards fielding candidates in all the 25 Lok Sabha seats across the north-eastern states. It is not practically possible for us to immediately field candidates, but wherever we get a positive response and wherever it is possible to organize our party in a short period, we will field a candidate,” added CM Sangam.

Over the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, the Meghalaya Chief Minister said that “we have been very clear from day one that if this Bill is passed, we are going to sever our ties with BJP and NDA. However, that did not happen and most probably it was because of the discussion that took place between the NDA partners and the BJP that led to a situation that the BJP reconsidered and did not bring that Bill.”

Voicing confidence that people have total faith in the party and its leadership, CM Sangma said that “we are very confident that we will win the Tura Lok Sabha seat no matter who the candidate is… People have complete faith in the party, candidate, and leadership. Therefore, we are very confident that we will emerge victorious in this election.”

Replying to the NPP legislators quitting his party in Arunachal Pradesh, before April 11 Assembly Elections, Conrad Sangam said, “It is very unfortunate that this has happened. The MLAs there had come from the PPA (People’s Party of Arunachal); they joined the NPP and left.”

“It sends a very wrong signal and the people will judge individuals (party hoppers) who do that. It doesn’t reflect well on them. But this is an individual decision and I have nothing to comment,” added the Meghalaya Chief Minister.

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