On Sunday, Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman said people’s expectations from the BJP is high including on issues like Ram temple and she asked people to keep their faith in the government that it has taken steps on the matter.
Regarding this case, Ms. Sitharaman requested party workers and sympathizers not to complain as genuine work was happening in India and said that India cannot lose the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Several issues like Ram temple were referred by her and she asked the people not to punish BJP for not building it. The event was organized by the Thinkers Forum. Addressing the gathering she said, “Your high standards of expectations should not be used for this election, like saying no, no, you didn’t build the Ram temple in Ayodhya… Because the temple couldn’t be built, don’t punish us. I am giving this example because it is very close to my heart.”
Asking the voters to observe the approach of the government that it has moved the Supreme Court to allot the excess land she stated, “…See the approach of the government. We have gone to the Supreme Court to say give us the excess land. There are issues.. have faith in the government. Have faith.”
On January 29, the central government had moved the Supreme Court demanding to return the 67-acre undisputed acquired land around the disputed site to the original owners.
Nirmala Sitharaman told the people not to choose their leader for ”silly reasons” like fair and charming young leaders. “If at this stage, the country, for some silly reasons or some fad, that we want young fair or fresh new approach, I would say don’t fall for this,” said Ms. Sitharaman.

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