On Sunday, ninety-six Christians, who belong to 23 tribal families were converted to Hindus in Tripura, claims right-wing group Hindu Jagran Manch. The people mostly belong to laborers from Bihar, and Jharkhand, who had been forcibly converted to Christians in the past, says VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad), which evidently arrange the mass conversion at Unakoti, located almost 150 km away from Tripura’s capital Agartala.

A VHP supporter told the sources that these converted people were originally Hindus and was forced to become Christians in the past. However, these time they were converted as per their own wish.  

Those people were “reconverted”, in what Hindu Jagran Manch termed as “gharwapsi” or homecoming, are mainly workers of the tea estate, who belongs to Munda and Orao tribal communities of Bihar and Jharkhand. The right-wing group further accused that some people “took advantage of the illiteracy and poverty” of tribals and forcibly converted them to Christians.

A few weeks ago, Home Minister Rajnath Singh at an event “The Festival of Peace”, organized in New Delhi had expressed his concern over mass conversions and called for a debate. Mr. Singh said at a function, held by the Christian body that “Whether we win or lose… we will not discriminate among people.” He further claims that fully supports the freedom to follow any religion.

“I have never discriminated on the basis of caste, creed, and religion in my life. Whether or not we get votes, we will never discriminate among people. This is what our prime minister also feels,” added Mr. Singh.


The Home Minister quoted saying, “I would also say one thing to the Christian community. We do not want to level allegations against anybody. If somebody wants to accept a religion, he should do that. There should not be any objection to it. But if mass conversion starts happening, a large number of people start changing their religion, then it could be a matter of concern.”

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