Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj was appealed by a woman who belongs to Hyderabad to rescue and get back her son who is stranded in Bangladesh. Zuleqa Begum the mother of Mohammed Imran has claimed that the passport and other possessions of his son were forcefully snatched by some unidentified persons in Bangladesh.
Ms. Begum while expressing the painful situation of his son told the reporters, “15 months back, my son went to Oman for work and started working in a store. There he befriended a Bangladeshi National. Later on December 16, 2018, Imran came to Hyderabad on vacation and stayed with us for two months. He then informed us that he is going to Kolkata for some work.”
The mother of the victim further said that she got informed over the phone by Imran after a few days that he is in Bangladesh to attend a marriage ceremony of one of his Bangladeshi friends whom he met in Oman. He also told her mother that he will come back within two to three days but unfortunately, he did not return.
According to the family members that was the last talk of Imran with his family. The family is claiming that he must have faced some difficulties and so they appealed Ms. Swaraj to ensure the safe return.
The sad mother mourned that “After 15 days, I received a call from my son and he told me that his passport was forcibly taken by few persons and they are also not letting him speak with us or return back to India. Hence, I request Ms. Swaraj to rescue my son and see his safe return to Hyderabad.”

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