Maoists killed three villagers on Tuesday suspecting them being police informers. A police official said that the Maoists supposed that led to the killing of 40 ultras in a massive operation in the region last year.

Kasnasur is a village which is located near Kosfundi Phata in Bhamragad taluka. The official said that Armed Naxals entered the village and targeted the houses of Malu Madavi, Kanna Madavi, and Lalsu Kudyeti.

They dragged the three out of their houses and shot them dead.

Last year in April, in the east Maharashtra Kasnur-Tumirgunda operation happened which caused the death of 40 of their people. The Maoists suspected that the trio had informed the police about their presence in the forests.

A police officer told the sources that the Maoists put up a banner while leaving the village revealing that they are taking revenge of April 2018 deaths of their comrades.

Police have immediately started the investigation in Bhamragad, located on borders of Maharashtra.

The first attack was on villagers in Gadchiroli district after Maoist Nambala Keshav Tao alias Basavraju took over from Ganapathy, a top leader of the Naxal movement.

Meanwhile, Shailesh Balkawade, Superintendent of Police, Gadchiroli told that the villagers who were killed were not police informers.

The Police Superintendent considered it as an act of frustration and added that a group including 60 Maoists of  “Bhamragad Dalam” is responsible for this killing.


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