On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brother Prahlad Modi asked the Maharashtra government and the central government to re-check at the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme, which involves the public distribution system, claims that the programme amounted to a betrayal with the owners of ration shop.

Simultaneously, PM Modi’s brother also hit at Congress leaders, who are trying to seek political advantages from the issue and said that BJP-led Modi government’s decisions on implementation of GST and demonetization may have disrupted a few but not all those who did their business and transactions as per the law.

Prahlad Modi is the Vice President of AIFPSDA (All Indian Fair Price Shop Dealers Federation), who addressed a rally after a protest march that was organized by the Aurangabad District Fair Price Shop Dealers Federation.

Mr. Modi alleged that “the Maharashtra government was going to start the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme. The scheme had been assigned to the states by the centre, but it is not up to the mark”

“(Maharashtra minister) Girish Bapat had assured in Kolhapur that it would not create problems, but they have started creating troubles for the fair price shop dealers,” added the VP of AIFSDA.

Mr. Modi continued that “I don’t know what award Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will get and what kind of promotion Bapat will get for troubling the poor. They are compelling the poor to purchase wheat at Rs. 21-23 per kg and rice at Rs. 27 per kg (much higher than PDS prices). God knows whether the subsidy will be deposited in the accounts of the poor or not.”

The Centre government and the state government has stopped the supply of Kerosene under the PDS, which leads difficulties to poor in lighting up lights at their place, claims the brother of the present Prime Minister.

Mr. Modi continued that the government should withdraw the schemes realized in a “wrong” way and make available kerosene and take effective decisions in the DBT scheme so that both- the poor and the shopkeepers are spared harassment.

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