Mocks at Congress over its election promise of reviewing the AFSPA, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claims that the assurance “toys with national security” and termed Congress manifesto as “a document of Pakistan’s conspiracies”.

Addressing an election rally before April-May National Election, the Prime Minister has accused the opposition of hatching a conspiracy to undermine the nation and “demoralize” its soldiers.

He has termed the coming together of opposition against the centre-ruling BJP and its allies as “mahamilavat” and claims it would boost Naxal activities if they come to power because he blasted the grand old party over its promise to scrap the Sedition Law.

PM Modi asked the NCP Chief Sharad Pawar, who was once a Defence Minister, if he agreed with the party’s manifesto, mainly over the issue of reviewing the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) that offers sweeping powers to security forces in troubled areas.  

Without directly naming anyone, he also alleged the NCP leaders “were unable to sleep” as their “sleep was jailed in Delhi’s Tihar”. However, he didn’t further elaborate on his statement.

“You can see the Congress hatching a conspiracy to destabilize the country. They have a habit, either they grab everything or create confusion,” said the Prime Minister, adding that “their manifesto toys with national security. The Congress’ manifesto is a document of Pakistan’s conspiracies. It is a conspiracy to demoralize the soldiers.”

PM Modi continued, “The Congress’ manifesto is a document of a conspiracy by those who gave the slogan of ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ (calling for India’s dismemberment).”

He claims that the security forces were “relentlessly” combating Naxalism and the days of Maoists, who broke out violence in Maharashtra, were “numbered”.

PM Modi also warned, Naxalism would get stronger if those engaged in “mahamilavat” comes to power. He claims that the Maharashtra Government had acted against “Urban Naxals”.

Referring to  Congress’ election assurance of repealing the Sedition Law, PM Modi said that the opposition party had promised that “there will be no sedition case if any urban Naxalite is caught in anti-national activities.”

The Prime Minister asked the crowd at the election rally, “Tell me if the Congress and the NCP are doing the right thing. Should the sedition law go? Should those who want to disintegrate (the country) get a free license?”

Attacks the NCP, the Prime Minister claims that its leaders were “unable to sleep these days”. Because their sleep is there inside Delhi’s Tihar Jail. They are afraid that the one who is inside may reveal something. They are worried. And that day is not far when everything will come out in the open.”

However, PM Modi directly did not name anyone, it seems that he was referring to corporate lobbyist Deepak Talwar’s arrest earlier this year for his reported involvement in several aviation deals.

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