On Wednesday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has expressed his displeasure over some people, who were raising slogans at a public meeting in Nagpur, as they were supporting a separate Vidarbha state. The senior BJP leader has warned them of throwing out from the event if they continue raising slogans.

When few people started raising slogans during his speech, Mr. Gadkari has lost his temper on them. The meeting in Nagpur was attended by senior BJP leaders and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis as well.

When the Union Minister started his speech, few pro-Vidarbha activists sitting in the crowd began shouting slogans, demand for separate statehood for the region in eastern Maharashtra. The protesting activist also threw pamphlets in the media enclosure.

Irritated over the constant protest and shouting of slogans for a separate Vidarbha state,  firstly Mr. Gadkari asked them to maintain silence. Thereafter, he said that “if they continue to make noise again, spank them, and throw them out. Take them all out.”

While addressing the gathering, Nitin Gadkari demands development of Nagpur as the second capital and “we want to take Nagpur and Vidarbha region forward together and put them prominently on the world map.”

Mr. Gadkari also claims that he is happy under Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ leadership as Vidarbha and Nagpur are witnessing all-around development.

Both CM Fadnavis and Mr. Gadkari belongs to Nagpur, which is considered as the second capital of Maharashtra and the biggest city of the region.

Nagpur is popular as a cotton-growing region, which consists of a dozen districts, have been witnessing movements since long for separate statehood.

BJP has supported the demand of Vidarbha for separate statehood cited for more efficient and better administration, but its ally Shiv Sena is opposed vehemently to any division of Maharashtra.

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