On BJP Shiv Sena Attack After Poll Result “Defeat Of Injustice,Lies” - TNBCLive

Mumbai: Against BJP Shiv Sena continued its attack by saying its rout in the just held state polls was the “ defeat of injustice and lies.”

It further added that it said along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah, throats of even their party workers had turned hoarse while calling for Congress-free country and condolences were being offered every day to the nation oldest party.

In “Saamna” editorial Sena said “ However, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has beaten them in their own turf. This is the defeat of injustice and lies. Pride has been captured and ego crushed.”

It also said “ Our Culture is that along with one’s loss, a win should also be accepted humbly, however, this culture was destroyed after the Lok Sabha election of 2014”

The Sena said “ Those who built the party, were ousted. Friends, who did not give up in bad times, were termed, enemies. People, who lifted you up from dust, themselves are in ruins. BJP could not register a win in a single state because the country does not need industrialists”

While attacking PM Modi it said the Prime Minister held dozens of rallies in every (poll-bound) state and mercilessly attacked Rahul Gandhi, not taking care about the lows one could go to while holding the constitutional post.

While mocking to the PM Modi Sena said that there is an ego in PM Modi humble acceptance of defeat as he did not congratulate Gandhi over the win, and the BJP loss should be attributed to him as his entire Council of Ministers was roped-in for campaigning.

In really it also added that Rahul Gandhi has humbly accepted his win and acknowledge the contribution of BJP chief minister. However, PM Modi is not willing to accept the contribution of (former prime minister and late Congress leaders) Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi in building the nation.

The Sena said “He  (PM Modi) is not even willing to accept that (veteran leader) L K Advani has built the BJP”

Sena also asked “Why did Rahul Gandhi survive this storm? Why did democracy survive despite so many bruises? The answer lies in humbleness. The election results are a lesson, but, is there a will to learn lessons?

While taken swipe at the BJP over its poll drubbing Sena says that people have brought those flying in the air back to the ground.

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