BJP Target Gandhi's Over Rafale Says, “Congress Can’t Work Without Middlemen” - TNBCLive

Mumbai: Political fights over the Rafale is on a high peak, recently, Prakash Javadekar the Union Minister target at Congress president Rahul Gandhi over his “Chor” jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and wondered whether the Congress chief’s “behavior” could be called “shameless”. The Union Minister also said that the BJP government will go ahead with the purchase of fighter jets from France to strengthen the Indian Air Force (IAF).

Mr. Javadekar also raised a question and ask “We also know cuss words, but we have no intention to use them for politics. Congress president Rahul Gandhi used very abusive words against the Prime Minister. What should we call his behavior? A shameless one?

The Union Minister continues and said “ Rahul Gandhi language which he used on PM does not follow any norms of decency, hence, we condemn the use of such language. No matter how many times you spread a lie, it will never become the truth.”

In the meanwhile, the HRD minister claimed that the previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government in 2012  had stopped the Rafale deal midway for a review as it wanted Sanjay Bhandari “ bring in” close aide Robert Vadra.

Mr. Javadekar said while speaking to reporters that the Rafale deal was being opposed only by Pakistan and Congress. Rafale is a powerful impact for IAF Javadekar believes that “ India will become more powerful if we  procure the fighter jets that what Pakistan feels, whereas the Congress is afraid that the BJP’s power will grow manifold and that is why it is criticizing the deal”

Mr. Javadekar Union Minister continues in a statement “the Rafale deal between India and France was already at an advanced stage during the Congress government. All scammers felt protected under the Congress-led UPA government. Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya left India because they are afraid that the BJP government will take action against them” Mr. Javadekar accused Congress of flattening for false allegations even during the tenure of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The Home Minister also said while spoken about the scam “ Congress compromised on national security by stalling the Rafale deal at an advanced stage just because Robert Vadra’s aide Sanjay Bhandari wanted the offset contract. Congress cannot work without middlemen. This is a huge difference between then and the BJP. Narendra Modi the Prime Minister government made a government-to-government deal with France for Rafale, in which there was no middleman involved.” “It does not have any future the Congress has realized in the general elections and that is why it is trying to hatch some conspiracy to malign the image of the BJP”

The Rafale controversy erupted last week when a statement comes from French media quoted Mr. Holland as purportedly saying that the Indian government proposed Reliance Defence as the partner for Dassault Aviation in the Rs 59,000 crore Rafale jet fighter deal.

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