Dhananjay Munde, a NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) leader has demand for investigation either by a Supreme Court judge or R&AW into the death of his uncle and ex-Union Minister Gopinath Munde after a cybercrime expert claims that the BJP leader was murdered as he was aware of hacking of EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

In Maharashtra Legislative Council, Mr. Munder is the opposition leader, has also termed the incident as ‘shocking’ after the claims made by self-proclaimed US-based Indian cyber expert.

He continued that those who loved his uncle, Gopinath Munde, had always raised questions on his unexpected death and wonders, “if it actually was an accident or sabotage.”

In 2014, a BJP leader Gopinath Munde has died in a road accident in New Delhi.

Dhananjay Munde Twitter post reads:

Former Minister Gopinath Munde’s nephew wants to investigate his uncle's’ death | tnbclive.in

The NCP leader further accused that “Everybody who followed Munde saheb’s leadership and loved him had raised questions about his death. After today’s revelation, the doubt has been addressed. If the claim of #EVMHacking is true, then it also violates the norms of the biggest democracy of the world(sic).”

Former Minister Gopinath Munde’s nephew wants to investigate his uncle's’ death | tnbclive.in

In another Twitter post in Marathi, Mr. Munde said that “Each of those who loved Munde Saheb had doubted that he died in the accident, but it was a sabotage.”

He also claims, “Hence, the startling claims made by cyber expert Syed Suja in a live press conference backs the suspicion.”

The cyber crime expert Syed Shuja, who is currently seeking political asylum in the United States has claimed that the 2014 Elections were ‘rigged’ through EVMs, which he claims can be easily hacked.

However, the Election Commission of India has denied all the charges.

While addressing a press conference via Skype in London, Mr. Shuja said that he fled India in 2014 as he felt life-threats in the country after the murder of some of his team members.

Syed Shuja further claims that Gopinath Munde was killed as he was aware of the EVM hacking, took place during 2014 Elections. However, he failed to provide any proof to back up his statement.

The cyber crime expert also claims that NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed was probing the Munde’s death, has planned to file an FIR noting that the BJP leader had been ‘killed’, but was himself ‘killed’.

In October 2014, CBI had ruled out any foul play in the murdering of Gopinath Munde, claims that the politician had died because of severe injuries that sustained in a road accident.

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