On Wednesday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari claims that he is receiving phone calls from Congress workers pledging support to him. He is a BJP candidate from Nagpur Lok Sabha seat.

Mr. Gadkari has already started his campaigning and claims to seek votes on the basis of development work done by him in his constituency, which will appear to vote on April 11.

He also claims to seek best wishes from oppositions, including Congress.

Mr. Gadkari said, “I have worked for all irrespective of their caste, religion, language, and party affiliation. A huge number of Congress workers and office-bearers phone me and tell me not to worry.”

“They say though we are physically there (in Congress), our hearts are with you (Gadkari) and hence I have support from all,” added the Union Minister.

Mr. Gadkari has further advised the party workers to reach out to people with full confidence and asked them to be humble in their conduct. He also asked them to understand the distinction between arrogance and confidence.

Mr. Gadkari was quoted saying, “One should have confidence but not arrogance. Hence, reach out to the public with humility and tell them about the work done by the party.”

Seeking re-election from Nagpur Constituency, the Union Minister showed confidence to win in the April-May Election with a ‘bigger margin’ than in 2014 General Elections. He had further initiated the development projects amounted Rs. 70000 in Nagpur Constituency.

“I have decided not to take the name of opposition candidates and not criticize any party. I will tell the people about the work that I have done and will seek the votes on the basis of work done by me,” said Mr. Gadkari.

The Union Minister continued, “We have completed the works promised in the last manifesto. We should not give false assurances to the public. We will do what we have assured. We will say what we have done.”

Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the Central Election Campaigning Office of BJP and its allies in Nagpur and advised workers not to make comment on anyone’s statements.

“The public is intelligent and knows everything. We have done our work and won the trust of people. People love us irrespective of caste, religion, community and party and this love for us will ensure our victory,” added Mr. Gadkari.

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