A 14-years old boy, who was addicted to video games has committed suicide in Maharashtra’s Nagpur because his mother snatched away his mobile phone from him, said the police on Wednesday.

The victim named Krish Sunil Lunawat, who used to live with his mother and elder sister, used to spend most of his time playing video games on his mobile phone, reports Maharashtra Police.

The phone addicted boy has gradually stopped attending school for one year, said Police Inspector Umesh Besarkar.

As both his mother and elder are employed, so the boy most of the time used to stay alone at his home, he added.

Krish Sunil Lunawat has forced his mother to buy a new PlayStation, which is a sort of gaming device for playing video games. On Monday, when the mother was about to go to Mumbai and shed him to give the mobile phone back to her.

The boy refused to give her the mobile phone, then she forcibly took away the handset from him and in the afternoon left for her work in Mumbai, said Inspector Besarkar.

The boy was disturbed over his mother taking away the mobile phone from his has hanged himself from a ceiling fan at his house with the use of a bed sheet, said the official.

When his elder sister returned home on Monday evening, the victim was discovered hanging himself in a ceiling fan.

The Maharashtra Police has sent to the dead body of the victim for forensic investigation and has filed a case in connection with the incident.

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