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Today, six members of a family were found dead in their house in Karnataka’s Koppal. The local police believed that the family allegedly committed suicide.

The six victims have been identified as 42-years-old Shekhariah Beednal (father), 39-years-old Jayamma (mother), and their four daughters- 23-years-old Basamma, 20-years-old Gauramma, 18-years-old Savithri, and 16-years-old Parvathi. The two daughters at the age of 20-years already got married, reads the report.

The Police officers are suspecting that Mr. Beednal allegedly poisoned his wife, Jayamma and their four daughters, before hanging himself from a ceiling fan.

Local media reports recommend that the neighbors told the Policeman that the family was suffering from a huge amount of bank loans following crop failure.

Karnataka Police department has introduced an investigation to find out the reason behind such suicide and death among the farmers.

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