Rajya Sabha MP of Congress, BK Hariprasad from Karnataka has raised controversy by his “match-fixing” remark on the Pulwama terror attack, criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
On Thursday, while interacting with the media persons he said, “(Union Minister) Ravi Shankar Prasad should clarify whether there is any match-fixing between Pakistan and Narendra Modi. Without their knowledge, this Pulwama incident should not have taken place. If you look at the chain of events that have taken place after Pulwama, it looks like Narendra Modi had a match-fixing with the people of Pakistan.” His remark came after Union Law Minister accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of stealing crucial papers of Rafale jet deal.
Mr. Hariprasad further said, “The government of Jammu and Kashmir has openly admitted that it’s a total failure of intelligence that has resulted in Pulwama. They can detect beef in… Kerala House but they can’t detect RDX on a sensitive National Highway. It shows it’s a total failure of Narendra Modi’s government.”
The comment of the Congress parliamentarian was condemned by Karnataka BJP general secretary N Ravikumar as he considered it to be “highly condemnable and irresponsible”.
“He should be ashamed of making such statements. Where had he mortgaged his brain before making such a statement?” N Ravikumar added.
This is not the first time that BK Hariprasad has put himself into controversy by his comments. In January, when BJP president Amit Shah was admitted to AIIMS in Delhi for swine flu treatment, he mocked at Mr. Shah saying that Amit Shah got swine flu because he tried to destabilize the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition government in Karnataka.
The day before yesterday, another Congress leader was criticized for giving a controversial remark over Pulwama attack. , Digvijaya Singh, termed the Pulwama terror attack an “accident”, which drew strong criticism from the BJP.

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