Facebook Post Brings 8 Year Old Girl her Dream Bicycle

Facebook Post Brings 8 Year Old Girl her Dream Bicycle

Bangalore: The couples from Whitefield resident shared a story of the lemon seller on Facebook. The story was about Nagesh Murthy and Sudha and their child  Manushree. The couple sells lemon for a living. During a casual conversation with the couple, Basarakod heard they were struggling to buy a bicycle for their daughter. So, the financial planner from Whitefield resident decided to share their story on the Facebook page. In 24 hours the lemon seller dreams come true as few good men got together and delivered a bicycle.

On Tuesday, the moment he posted their story on Facebook requested Sampath Ramanujam of An Avaya Foundation, which collects unused and discarded bicycles and gives it o poor and needy, to help the couple. Ramanujam alerted different cycling groups and the Zest Pedal Cycling Group responded quickly. Cyclist Guruprasad spoke to the couple and confirmed that it was a genuine desire.

Another cyclist, Girish Kumar, transported the cycle in his car to Sampath. The cycle was repaired overnight and delivered to Manjushree in the presence of her parents. “ I called the parents and told them about the cycle and they were very excited. The had a huge smile while receiving the cycle.” Ramanujam added.

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by Sawan Kumar on July 12, 2018

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