After consuming Prasad in Karnataka, 11 died and 82 hospitalised - TNBCLive

More than 11 people died and 82 were hospitalized after eating Prasad at a temple in Chamaranjnagar district of Karnataka, reports Police.

A district official claims that some toxic substances may have got mixed with the Prasad, which was offered to God at the Kichu Maranda Temple in Sulivadi village and resulted into a tragedy. The Policeman said, “We have collected samples and sent them to a laboratory for analysis.”

The ailing has been lifted in hospitals across Mysuru and Chamaranjnagar districts, and many are under ventilation.

According to a witness, devotees have decided to eat the rice-based offering although it smelt of Kerosene. He continued, “Soon afterward, they complained of stomach-ache and began vomiting.”

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has expressed shock over the incident that took place in his state and asked the authorities to make sure that the victims receive proper medical aid. CM Kumaraswamy has announced for a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh for each of victim’s families.

He continued that “I came to know about this while I was returning from Belagavi. Spoke to district authorities. At first, I did not realize how serious it was. Our MLA, Puttaraju, went to the spot. There are reports that the food was deliberately poisoned. It is being tested. Action will be taken against whoever is behind this inhuman act.”

District Police reports that the religious offerings were distributed after the foundation-laying event of the temple. A Policeman reports that “Doctors think the toxin could be a pesticide,” adding that a probe will confirm how the toxic substance entered the food.

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