Zoramthanga: Prohibition On Liquor, Better Roads Are Priority in Mizoram - TNBCLive

Aizawl: Chief Minister designate Zormthanga said after leading the MNF (Mizo National Front) in Mizoram that he would impose total prohibition in the state as promised by his party.

In this highly-literate and Christian-majority state total prohibition was imposed since February 20, 1997, by the then Congress government. However, it was lifted in early 2015 by enforcing the Mizoram Liquor Prohibition and Control Act, 2014. Following this, wine shops were opened in the state from March 16, 2015.

While interacting with reporters Zoramthanga said after the victory won that his government would also ensure better roads and implement the Socio-Economic Development Programme (SEDP) the flagship programme of the party to the state economy.

Liquor is the major political issue in the run to the polls, hence MNF wants a complete ban, while the Congress was against total prohibition.

From outside the state and encourage only locally produced ones the BJP had taken a middle path by proposing to ban the liquor coming.

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