Yogi Adityanath meets PM Modi on Bulandshahr violence talks in Delhi - TNBCLive

Few days after the Bulandshahr violence, which took lives of two, including one Police Inspector, on Thursday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath meets PM Modi at his official home in New Delhi.

Even though what talks happened between then was not officially communicated, sources in bJP said that the CM has invited the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the “Ardh-Kumbh” to be held next month in Allahabad.

Party sources also said, it is likely that CM Adityanath has briefed PM Modi about the recent Bulandshahr violence, which took place in Uttar Pradesh and took the life of Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh.

On Thursday, the family members of Inspector Singh met the CM Adityanath in Lucknow and he announced a compensation to the family of Rs. 50 lakh and further assure them justice in the case.

CM Adityanath has also promised for education loans and a government job to one of the family members of victim Mr. Singh of the Bulandshahr violence.

Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh was hit by a stone and was then shot dead on December 3, which erupted after cow vigilantes have blocked the main road alleging 25 cow slaughter.

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