Former Ministers Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha along with advocate Prashant Bhushan have requested the Supreme Court to review its verdict in Rafale fighter jet case that offered the government a clean chit.

On December 14, the Supreme Court had ruled that there was no reason to doubt the process of decision making behind the Rafale fighter jet deal, clear that the government has been repeatedly alleged by Congress over corruption in Rs. 59000-crore contract. The top court has rejected an investigation and dismissed the petitions, which had accused that the government went for an overpriced deal to assist industrialist Anil Ambani’s Reliance with an offset contract with fighter jet maker Dassault. The Supreme Court had said that “there is no evidence of commercial favoritism to any private entity.”

On December 15, the center has approached the Supreme Court for a “factual correction” in a paragraph in its judgment, which has references to the Comptroller and Auditor General report and Parliament’s PAC (Public Accounts Committee).

In their petition, Mr. Shourie, Mr. Sinha, and Mr. Bhushan have alleged that the judgment “relied upon patently incorrect claims made by the government in an unsigned note given in a sealed cover” to the top court. They have further requested for an oral hearing of the petition in front of an open court.

This petition was filed a day after PM Modi, in an interview has broken his silence on Congress’ claims of crony capitalism and accused favoring of Anil Ambani in the Rafale fighter jets deal. The Prime Minister said that they were not of a “personal” nature and added that “this is not a personal allegation against me but an allegation against my government. If there’s any allegation against me personally, let them dig who gave what, when and where and to whom.”

Congress insisted for a joint parliamentary committee investigation although the top court has said that it has found “nothing wrong” with the Rafale fighter jets deal.

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