Wuhan's L-strain may be responsible for Gujarat's high death rate: Experts - TNBCLive

Experts revealed that the L-type strain of coronavirus of Wuhan may be behind Gujarat’s high death rate. According to experts, the dominance of the more virulent L-type coronavirus strain as compared to the S-type one could be behind the high mortality rate in the state. The number of fatalities in Gujarat has reported 133 so far. However, there is no confirmation about the report.

A Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC) said that the novel coronavirus used for genome sequencing recently conducted by it was found to contain the L-type strain. CG Joshi, the director of GRBC said that, “Analysis done by scientists abroad has shown that the L-type strain has been dominant where more mortality is reported among coronavirus patients. This strain was found to be more prevalent in Wuhan.”

“The coronavirus sample we collected from a patient for genome sequence contained the L-type strain. This strain has a much higher virulence as compared to the S-strain,” he said.

“Variation in coronavirus is in terms of number and percentage of mutations. As per the analysis, the L-type strain is dominant where more mortality is reported. Scientists have earlier found that this strain has caused more deaths,” he added.

In a successful study, thr GRBC figured out the entire genome sequence of the novel coronavirus, and divided them into three new mutations. They collected virus samples from a patient for a test who have fully recovered. It is clear that the L-type strain is more responsible than the S- type in Gujarat affected patients.

About 90 percent of patients are over 60 years, under five years children and pregnant women. People who couldn’t survive the disease were commonly affected by heart and lung diseases, diabetes, and hypertension.

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