Women and Child Development Ministry reports of 2 lakh Anganwadi post vacancy - TNBCLive

There are more than 24 lakh Anganwadi staffs working across various centers in India, and two lakh posts for still vacant, on Friday the Lok Sabha was reported. Minister of State for Women and Child Development Virendra Kumar said that a package of six essential services, which comprises of Supplementary Nutrition (SNP), health check-up, immunization, pre-school non-formal education and nutrition, referral services, and health education are offered at free to target beneficiaries.

Around 1.09 lakh Anganwadi workers post are vacant, and 1.18 lakh posts for Anganwadi helpers are also vacant, he wrote in a reply.

Mr. Kumar continued that a total of Rs. 12.8 lakh Anganwadi workers and 11.6 lakh helpers are working across India.

Bihar has the highest number of post vacant for Anganwadi workers are helpers, with 53000 unoccupied posts, added Mr. Kumar.

Out of total Anganwadi centers across the country, 86.15 percent of them are running up the concrete building, and the remaining 13.85 percent are in operation from makeshift buildings, said Mr. Kumar adding that there are 13.63 lakh operational Anganwadi centres in the country.

Mr. Kumar further said that “the government has made provision of funds for providing medicine kit of Rs.1,500 per annum for Anganwadi centres and Rs. 750 per annum for mini-Anganwadi centres and other administrative expenses under Anganwadi services are Rs. 2,000 per annum for Anganwadi centres and Rs. 1,000 per annum for mini-Anganwadi centres.”

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