Woman behind the UP shelter home rape case, started with small stitching unit - TNBCLive

Call it necessary or ambition to create money quickly, which provoked a ‘Silai Kendra’ woman to become a suspect of the UP shelter home rape case from where 24 innocent girls were rescued. She was accused of prostitution case.

50-years Girija Tripathi, the influence manager of the shelter home incident, lives in Deoria District’s Rupai village. Her husband name Mohan Tripathi, who stays nearly village in Noonkhwar village. Mohan works at Bhatni sugar mill and his wife Girija runs a dress stitching unit, to support her financially weak family.

65-years old Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Bhatni said that “when Mohan was on the verge of losing his job due to the poor financial condition of the sugar mill, Girija successfully protested against the mil management.” This was the start of her adult education center at Bhatni. During the early periods, she kept good relations with the administrative officials and offered training to adults.

Later she with her family shifted to Deoria city and successfully started her home shelter there. Within just a few days, she became financially stable as she was also running an old-age home in Gorakhpur, Rajla Deoria and an illegal shelter home at Deoria station road.

Kanaklata, her elder daughter is now under police custody. She used to work on a contract basis at District probation office. Her son is also a highly-educated teacher, reports Police Superintendent Rohan Kanay of Deoria. Kanaklata was the super-in-charge of the shelter home.

After starting an illegal shelter home in Deoria, suspect Girija maintained a high profile relationship with political leaders, as she is found in the photographs with them.

Her NGO license has already suspended in 2017, irrespective of the fact she was found in several political programs and was one of the key organizers of the mass wedding that held on this year’s February.


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