Witnesses of Defamation case professes, allegations against MJ Akbar “A Jolt” - TNBCLive

Today, Delhi High Court has recorded the statements of two witnesses over the defamation case, which was lodged by MJ Akbar against his ex-colleague Priya Ramani. Ms. Ramani has alleged him of sexual assault. 

Two ex-colleagues of MJ Akbar, Veenu Sandal and Sunil Gujral has been ejected as witnesses before Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal and claims that the allegations against him came as a surprise to them and irrecoverable interrupt was caused to his reputation.

Published in the Sunday Guardian, Mr. Gujral has appeared as a complainant witness to help defamation case lodged by Mr. Akbar, testified as a colleague, he never heard anything wrong about him.

Mr. Gujral continued, “I spoke to Akbar thereafter as I felt embarrassed and let down. Besides this, my embarrassment was compounded as friends and acquaintances who knew of all my old association with Akbar of almost 40 years started asking embarrassing questions, which made me feel very bad since I felt that irreparable damage has been done to Akbar’s reputation.” The second witness said that she has heard about Ms. Ramani’s October 8 tweets and it was a “huge jolt” to her.

Earlier Mr. Akbar had told the court that the “immediate damage” to his reputation has been caused due to the “scurrilous”, false and concocted allegations of sexual misconduct against MJ Akbar.

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