On Thursday, the BJP chief Amit Shah, raising the most controversial issue said if BJP comes to power again it will scrap Article 370 of the Constitution which grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir and introduce National Register of Citizens all over the country.

Mr. Shah was on the campaign trail  in West Bengal’s Kalimpong in Darjeeling Lok Sabha seat and Raiganj seat in North Dinajpur, where he accused TMC chief Mamata Banerjee of raising questions on IAF for airstrikes to “appease” her minority vote bank and asked her if she also demanding a separate prime minister for Jammu and Kashmir like her ally National Conference leader Omar Abdullah.

Addressing the rally he said, “We will remove Article 370 from Kashmir after forming the next BJP government at the center.”

“It is our commitment to bring in NRC across the country to chuck out each and every infiltrator. Unlike Mamata Banerjee, we don’t treat infiltrators as our vote bank. For us national security is supreme. We would ensure that each and every Hindu and Buddhist refugee gets citizenship of this country,” he said.

Previously, M Banerjee claimed that the NRC will be harmful as it will turn the genuine Indian citizens into refugees. Mr. Shah condemned Ms. Banerjee claiming she is only interested in appeasing minorities.

“Illegal migrants are like termites. They are eating our food grains that should go to the poor, they are taking away our jobs. The T of the TMC stands for ”Tushtikaran, M for mafia and C for chit fund (scams),” Mr. Shah said.

“We came to know that Mamata Banerjee was mourning the air strikes. It is quite obvious that the air strikes will be mourned in Pakistan. But why is Mamata Banerjee mourning? She is mourning in order to appease her minority vote bank. This is a shame,” Mr. Shah said, attacking the West Bengal leader.

He took a jibe at Mamata Banerjee saying, “Apko (Mamata) Pakistan ke saath ilu ilu (I love you) karna hain toh kijiye. Lekin agar Pakistan goli marega toh hum gola marenge (If you are interested in love with Pakistan, you can do that but we would respond to their bullets with canon balls)”.

“I wonder what kind of grand alliance Banerjee is proposing. She is saying vote for the grand alliance. Why are the Congress and CPI (M) criticizing her TMC if they are allies at the center? The fact is no one is willing to stand with Banerjee. This alliance neither has a leader nor a policy,” he added. BJP is trying to make stronger its influence in West Bengal and Mr. Shah is determined to win 23 out of the 42 seats in the state.

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