On Wednesday, Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh has accused the Congress of offering misinformation to the nation over the Rafale fighter jets deal. In a sharp attack to Congress, Mr. Singh said that instead of asking questions from NDA government over the Rafale fighter jets deal, the party first need to explain the nation why the deal was dropped when BJP was in power.

The minister further slammed Congress for dragging the armed forces into the row over the Rafale fighter jets deal.

Mr. Singh asked, “Before they (Congress) seek answers, they must first give answers to the nation. The nation needs to know that why did this deal not go through when everything had been done and at the last minute it was dropped. Can Congress explain that?”

He also asked why Congress never gave the contract to HAL.

“Can they explain why it (the contract) was not given to HAL? They should come out candidly and explain to the nation. Then only they have a right to ask a question,” added Mr. Singh.

He also said that “most of the time I have found, they just throw out misinformation to distract people and for political game. They are not seeking the truth. They know the truth.”

VK Singh also talked about the letter that he wrote as the Army chief to ex-Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

“As part of ethos, system, and norms in the armed forces, periodically you do write to the Prime Minister telling them what exactly is happening. In this particular case, the Prime Minister was apprised of various deficiencies and hollowness. Nothing happened after he was briefed,” added Mr. Singh.

Mr. Singh claims that the secret letter that he wrote to Mr. Singh was “leaked” to blame him.

The Minister of State for External Affairs also said that “I find it absolutely ridiculous that a secret letter written by the Chief of Army Staff addressed to the PM can get leaked. People should have been hanged (for this leak). I know the reason why it was leaked. Somebody wanted to unnecessarily blame me.”

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