The fugitive businessman has attacked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this morning by Twitter. Vijay Mallya criticized the PM for his statement that the recovery assets was higher than the alleged Rs. 9000 crores he owed. Vijay Mallya was accused of fraud and money laundering in India worth around Rs. 9000 crores and facing extradition to India.

He has made the tweet just after the news came that Jet Airways is temporarily suspending all its operations. Vijay Mallya has expressed his solidarity with its Naresh Goyal. According to him, private airlines were discriminated by the government.

“None other than the Prime Minister of India specifically says in an interview that his Government has recovered more money than I allegedly owe PSU Banks and the same Banks claim otherwise in English Courts. Who does one believe? One or the other is lying,” Vijay Mallya tweeted.

Vijay Mallya criticizes PM Narendra Modi by Tweet, Who does one believe |

The 63-year-old Kingfisher boss stated earlier this month that PM Modi’s statement that recovery of Rs. 14000 crores worth of his assets has totally vindicated him in his declaration of being a “poster boy” for the BJP-led government.

Indian government wants his extradition for defaulting on Rs. 9,000 crore in loans to his failed Kingfisher Airlines. Due to a massive financial loss, the air-line closed all operations in 2012.

Vijay Mallya left India in March 2016 after the banks unitedly arranged to begin legal proceedings to recover the money he owed them. He has repeatedly requested the banks to take 100 percent of the principal amount he owes them. Currently, he is living in London.

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