Today, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has hailed “Mahatma Gandhi Vision”, calls to disband Congress after Independence of India.

The senior BJP leader before his elevation to top Constitutional position in 2017, also praised PM Modi tenure, mentioning a slew of flagship initiatives, including ease of doing business that Mr. Naidu claims got recognition from the World Bank.

In remarks coming before 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, Mr. Naidu claims that Mahatma Gandhi had spoken for the need to ban Congress after Independence.

While speaking at the convocation of RBI-promoted Indira Gandhi Institute of Developmental Research in Mumbai, the Vice President said that it was advised politically from Mahatma Gandhi, adding that he does not wish to dwell on it as he is no more in politics ‘actively’.

“Mahatma Gandhi had such a vision. After independence, he gave two advise, one is political, I don’t want to dwell on that. He said disband the Congress. That was the first advice,” added Mr. Naidu.

He continued, “Congress was a platform of different shades of people coming together to fight for Independence. He (Mahatma Gandhi) said independence is achieved. So disband this (Congress) and start your own parties. That is not an issue for us today and moreover I’m not in politics and don’t want to speak politics also.”

Another visionary advice given by ‘Father of the Nation’ was to concentrate on the development of rural areas, said VP Naidu.

In his 50-minute speech, Mr. Naidu mentioned a slew of initiatives and flagship schemes of PM Modi government and how they have driven changes on the ground. The VP claims that the ease of doing business, demonetisation, Make in India, direct benefit transfer, GST, PM Jan Dhan Yojana, and JAM trinity, among others.

JAM trinity refers to the initiative of the Modi government, which objected to linking people’s Jan Dhan accounts with Aadhar Cards and mobile numbers. Mr. Naidu also credited GST and demonetization for widening tax base in the nation.

“Abhi thoda parivartan aaya hai, kaafi parivartan aana abhi bhi baki hai (Come changes have come but a lot more is yet to come),” added Mr. Naidu.

His comment came while the Vice President dwelt on work done under the ease of doing business initiative and followed with a mention of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr. Naidu claims, “The PM said earlier it used to be red tape; now let us have red carpet. That’s the talk of town everywhere now.”

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