Upendra Kushwaha says, left NDA because of BJP and Nitish Kumar’s arrogance - TNBCLive

Today, RLSP (Rashtriya Lok Samata Party) Chief Upendra Kushwaha said that the arrogance behavior of Nitish Kumar and BJP was one of the main reasons behind him leaving the NDA. He continued that the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) should also quit NDA.

In an exclusive conversation with the source, Mr. Kushwaha said that “People of NDA have become arrogant, particularly in the context of Bihar such as Nitish Kumar, who is also being supported by the key leadership of BJP. Their conceit was somewhere a big reason behind us getting away from them.”

He further said that other parties would also not be safe from this arrogance for long.

“Lok Janshakti Party must also come out of alliance as soon as possible. These people have decided to destroy small parties and if LJP has also started to feel the same, they must exit the alliance at the earliest,” added Mr. Kushwaha.

The RLSP chief has introduced a scathing attack on Bihar government and claims that it has completely failed to fulfill the needs of people.

Mr. Kushwaha continued, “Janta Dal (United) and BJP have governed Bihar for about 13-14 years now. There were a lot of expectations from Nitish Kumar and this government. Education would improve, healthcare facilities for poor will get better, youth migration will stop but nothing as such happened.”

“If they could not do it in all these years when their third term is about to end, people would naturally desire a change,” said Mr. Kushwaha adding that in this time whosoever will be with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar would also face the same worse situation.

He also said that “it is good that if BJP is with them, they will also go down with them and both Bihar and the country would get a good government.”

Mr. Kushwaha further outlined that no decision has been taken on whether RLSP will join the grand alliance or independently fight.

However, he confirmed that for his party, the grand alliance or third front are the remaining options.

On December 10, Upendra Kushwaha had been pulled out of NDA and had also resigned from the post of Minister of State for Human Resource Development. He also cornered the Central government and has emphasized that people are looking forward to a change.

He continued, “Countdown for the Central government has begun. People had great expectation from it but it disappointed people of the country. Farmers are in distress, the youth did not get employment. So naturally, there will be change now.”

Mr. Kushwaha claims that Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi has developed his “personality” and now people are looking towards him as an option to replace the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He also criticized BJP over the Ram Temple in Ayodhya constructional issue and stated that BJP is not interested in building it but only misguides people to influence voters.

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