Lucknow: Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath met with Subodh Kumar Singh family three days of his died, who was killed by a mob protesting cow slaughter in Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh. The family of the police officer whose wife, two sons and sister traveled from Etah to the Chief Minister home in Lucknow for the meeting, which took place only after massive criticism.

However, Yogi Adityanath did not mention the murder but focussed more on cow slaughter at a security review meeting. The police Inspector family says that the administration has been soft on those involved in the killing.

Recalling the incident, Subodh Kumar Singh and his team were trying to control protests after cow carcasses were found in the forest when a mob went out of control, attacked the policemen with stones and shot the officer dead on Monday.

UP CM Meets Cop Family Who Killed By Mob |

Soon after the incident meeting held where Yogi Adityanath ordered immediate arrest for cow slaughter, but reportedly said that nothing on the murder of the police officer. Prodded by criticism on social media, the chief minister finally announced through his office that he would meet Subodh Kumar Singh family.

Bajrang Dal activist was the main accused in the mob killing who had complained about cow slaughter. As the police make other arrests, Yogesh Raj still missing but the investigation to find him still going on. He put out a WhatsApp video claiming he was not part of the mob and was not involved in the killing.

In a meanwhile, Abhishek the police officer son said that “ I plead with the society, people of my generation, please do not get into a cow and communal politics. My father used to say above all, be a good citizen”

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