Union Minister Giriraj Singh claims, “Congress buried Mahatma Gandhi’s policies” - TNBCLive

On Thursday, Union Minister Giriraj Singh has accused Congress of burying the policies of Mahatma Gandhi despite shouts his name for political gains.

The Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Giriraj Singh  said that “Mahatma Gandhi not only boycotted Manchester clothes but he also provided khadi as a medium of earning source for women and independence struggle.”

He further alleged, “But after Independence struggle, Gandhiji was used by political leaders, particularly the Congress, to take political benefit. It buried Gandhiji‘s policies, while he was addressing a gathering on the inaugural day of ‘Rashtriya Khadi and Saras Mahastov’ in Morahbadi ground at Rachin.

Mr. Singh continued that Gandhi Ji’s policies were to offer jobs in every household through khadi. He accused that after UPA government came to power, khadi was considered as ‘Neta ji’s Dukan’ (political leaders attire).

However, when BJP government came into power in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to people that Khadi is not just a clothing but a ‘vichar’ (ideology), said Mr. Singh adding that if anyone purchase clothes made of Khadi, it will surely light a lamp of the house as the money directly goes to poor family.

With PM Modi’s appeal, Khadi sale has increased threefold since 2014 of Rs. 811 crore, reports Mr. Singh adding that students and office goers are wearing jackets made of Khasi with pride.

PM Modi offer khadi jackets to the world leaders at BRICs summit, hinted that khadi was the main medium of Independence of India and medium for income as well.

Giriraj Singh has referred to a village in his Nawada Constituency, where he has taken up a village under “Adarsh Gram” Yojana where solar power is being used for manufacturing of khadi wheel and women are offered jobs there.

Mr. Singh further said that “Gai aur mai (cow and mother) together will shape the village economy in the coming days … cow urine and dung are being used as fertilizer…”

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