On Monday, the Union Minister Chandra Sarangi claims that the Congress has made us realize the necessity of strong leadership along with a “new norm” during 10-years regime of the party with the “Accidental Prime Minister” at the power.

Initiating the discussion on “Motion of Thanks” on the President’s address, he continued that the nation is grateful to God for making a man like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who belongs to a humble background, said Mr. Sarangi.

Hits at Congress, the Union Minister said that 10-years of UPA Government was that of “misrule” as well as “full of corruption”.  

“Policy paralysis was a new norm during those ten years.And it was Congress which made us realise the importance of strong leadership,” added Mr. Sarangi.

Without directly naming the ex-prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Union Minister continued that even the Congress Prime Minister was an “accidental Prime Minister”.

Referring that both PM Modi and NDA Government are committed to the welfare of downtrodden and poor, he continued that by 2022 every poor resident of India will surely have a “pucca” with a toilet.

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