Union Heath Minister said that the ministry is holding discussion on specialist panel’s report - TNBCLive

Union Health Minister JP Nadda said that the ministry holds discussion for an expertise reports, alleged of a defect in hip replacement system by India’s Multinational Company and will consider necessary steps.

Mr. Nadda told source in New Delhi that “we are deliberating on it.”

His comments got highlighted after the report appeared in media, accused Johnson and Johnsons ‘suppressed’ actions on the defect caused in surgery, which was done on an Indian patient using the hip replacement system that is ‘faulty’.

As per the reports, the specialist committee drafted an investigation complains about defects in hip replacement devices, which recommends that the company need to pay an compensation of Rs. 20 lakh to the patients.

After investigating the committee reports, the company was permitted to continue with this ‘faulty’ system of hip replacement. Mr. Nadda said that “I share your concerns. We will take the necessary steps accordingly.”

On August 25, the Union Health Minister expressed that the following report that was highlighted in the media, it has directed the state level formation of the committee for hearing the complaints.

India’s Drugs Controller General Eswara Reddy said to the source that “The compensation to the patients will be decided based on examinations done on them. Now we have to assess how many (patients) are affected due to it. That is why state committees will be formed. Apart from this, advertisements will also be put up in prominent newspapers so that the affected patients know about this and can approach the committee with their grievances.”

The spokesperson of the Health Ministry further claims that once the investigation is made in the state committees they will forward the recommendation to the expert committee to the center. Therefore, further ask the company for further compensation.

According to reports, over 3600 patients are suffering from ‘faulty’ hip replacements, and most of them remain untraceable. At least four deaths have been informed among these patients said the source.

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