Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said asking the government to account for its work has now become a trends in India. He claims that BJP aims to empower the society to practice more and more social work.

During the “pran-pratistha” (idol installation) event at the newly-constructed Annapurna Dham Temple in Adalaj Town of Gujarat’s Gandhinagar district, PM Modi said that “there is a recent trend of people expecting that everything has to be done by the government. They also seek answers from the government for the works that are not done. This was not a tradition in our country.”

The Prime Minister said that the society earlier used to construct dharmshalas (guest houses), libraries, gaushala (cow shelters), and water ponds.

“All these used to be constructed by the society’s strength. Slowly, knowingly or unknowingly, this activity of the society was suppressed and the state took the role of carrying out social work,” added PM Modi.

“Our attempt is that the state should do the administrative work, and society should be empowered so that it can carry out such social works beneficial for the people at large,” said the Prime Minister after inaugurating the temple set up by Leuva Patels, who belongs to a sub-caste of the Patidar community.

PM Modi continued that it was the Leuva Patel community, which is led by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel that started the Amul movement and benefited people belongs to all castes and classes in the villages of Gujarat.

PM Modi also urges the community members to carry out social works, and added that “I will ask you to distribute one plant to each person coming to the temple as ‘prasad’ and ask him to grow it.”

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