Today, Indian Prime Minister for the first time is going to held “world’s largest video conference” that he is going to interact with over 1 crore BJP workers and volunteers who will be joining from more over 15,000 locations and as the party has claimed that it is going to be the largest video conference of world.
Amid the high tension between India and Pakistan, the video conference will be held by PM Modi today afternoon. Meanwhile, PM Modi’s this agenda has been criticized by Congress and Aam Aadmi Party for the PM has decided to go ahead with the “Mera Booth, Sabse Mazboot” event in the midst of high fiction at the border and the capture of an IAF pilot by Pakistan.
Congress spokesperson told the sources, “Right now, we are faced with a crisis. We want the pilot back. We want to know how is he. Everybody is worried about him. And you are worried about addressing some booth workers?”
Congress has already canceled its committee meeting which was planned for today. On Wednesday afternoon 21 opposition parties gathered to discuss the escalation of hostilities and accused the leaders of BJP of “blatant politicization of the sacrifices of the armed forces”.
Senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh tweeted criticizing the PM and his party for today’s event said, “Entire opposition is concerned over national security. (Chief Minister) Arvind Kejriwal postponed his hunger strike over the full-statehood issue. Congress canceled its CWC and the Opposition is worrying about the unity of the nation. (Narendra) Modi-ji is getting down to strengthen polling booths and the BJP is busy with election rallies.”
Prime Minister will be interacting with common people through the Narendra Modi app where the people can send their queries to PM. BJP President Amit Shah tweeted on Sunday, “On Feb 28, PM Modi will interact with over 1 crore BJP karyakartas, volunteers & well-wishers, spread across 15,000 locations, in what would be world’s largest video conference.” The conference will be live telecasted on all social media channels of the BJP and PM Modi.

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