On Wednesday, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said that the central government’s move to permit 10% quota to economically weaker sections in general category will “backfire” since his party feeling cheated.

Mr. Yadav slammed the move of the government as hasty and continued that like demonetization, it was imposed without any further discussion. He also claims that reservation was not a poverty alleviation programme.

The RJD leader told the source that “The government has amended the Constitution without any report from any commission or social and economic survey. To make such a provision, the government must have supporting data and figures. The BJP will bear the consequences of a hurried decision it.”

“The Bahujan class is feeling duped… While it was stated that there is a cap of 50 percent on reservations, but, suddenly the government opens a pandora’s box and exceeds reservations beyond 50 percent, that too without any demand, agitation or movement by beneficiary classes,” added Mr. Yadav.

“Now, the honorable Supreme Court will have to play by its own yardstick,” said Mr. Yadav. He further enquired how atrocities on people in the name of caste can be rectified by such measures.

Tejashwi Yadav accused that the central government was changing the narrative from caste-based atrocities to economic status to suits its “upper caste mindset”.

Mr. Yadav asked, “On what basis did the government give 10 percent reservation to those who are already enjoying de facto 50 percent reservation? What about the caste-based census data? Why it is being hidden by the government? Is it banana republic or a democracy.”

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