Take a glance into top 7 celebrity home

Take a glance into top 7 celebrity home

We all, at some point in time, excited to know how celebrities appear in real life. Appreciating the initiative of ‘Asian Paints Where the Heart is’, a short web series introduced by one of India’s leading decor and paint brands. We from it came to know so many interesting by unknown facts about celebrities, projected homes in the background. Here we will take a peek into life, design, choices, homes, and inspirations of top 7 celebrities.

Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly, India’s former Cricket team captain says, “My home is a place where I want to come back to; it is where I get happiness and peace.” This is also one reason behind his preference of home interiors to paint in light shades. Dada emphasizes that a pleasant shade gives him a ‘message of peace.’ He has a trophy room, which was built by his late father and there he keeps all his winning medals and trophies. Check it out!

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Radhika Apte

Once you step into Ms. Apte’s house you can feel nature very close as she painted her house in natural shades. Interestingly, the 32-years old popular actress disclosed that the first thing she wants while waking up from sleep is nature. She painted all the doors of her house in distinct colors- from blue to purple to grey. Radhika Apte colored her kitchen walls in ‘blue cover’ as she dedicated this color to her very close friend named Clover.

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Sushant Singh Rajput

For all Sushant fans, if you ever remember that what he wanted to be before he turns up as an actor? An astronaut! Therefore, a witness to this is a giant telescope and his own picture when he visited NASA is there in his house. A color which is closed to his heart is Yellow, painted his study table.

Take a glance into top 7 celebrity home/tnbclive.com

Zoya Akhtar

White, brown and yellow are the three colors, dominating Director Zoya Akhtar’s house. Her house is full of space and airy, decorated with wood and stone furnishings. Zoya loves reading, an evidence of it is a room with full of books. Zoya says, “But, if you take my books and don’t return them to me, you’re not going to be invited to the next dinner party, for sure.” Zoya’s bedroom is designed with a big world map, which is plastered on one of her barroom’s wall, overlooks the sea.

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Monica Dogra

One word that can describe musician-cum-actress Monica Dogra’s house is quirky. From unconventional posters to hand-painted tiles, there is a lot of uniqueness in her house. Monica, who is delighted by Lord Shiva feels, “Your home should be a place where you can completely be whatever you want to be.” Sadhu Amar Bharati even inspires her to work harder and one of her living rooms walls occupies his picture.

Take a glance into top 7 celebrity home/tnbclive.com

Mini Mathur

Mini Mathur says, “We like things which look old and weathered”. Mini shares her house with her husband, Director Kabir Khan. She is also indented to Greek agriculture that is why she decorated her house with Santorini-like ceilings and seats. She even has a person room, which she paints very often as she feels that depending on the mood everything needs to get changed.

Take a glance into top 7 celebrity home/tnbclive.com

Anirudh Ravichander

Musician Anirudh Ravichander is in love with photo walls, as he painted his house so. He decorated his house with his memorable photos hanged in walls. There is a photo of Superstar Rajinikanth, who holds baby Anirudh in his arms. One of Anirudh’s favorite spot is a giant wooden swing, which he considers to be the ‘hot seat’. He says, “Whenever I have friends over and they are all over the place, I like to take this seat, just to be in control.” He becomes famous with ‘Why this Kolaveri Di.”

Take a glance into top 7 celebrity home/tnbclive.com

If you are much excited, you can also stream the full episodes. All of their words will surely inspire you to re-design your house in a way you always wanted to decorate it. After all, your heart dwells in your house.


Photo Credit: HindustanTimes

by Chandrani Sarkar on July 25, 2018

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