Sources: Congress Dials Mayawati For Madhya Pradesh - TNBCLive

New Delhi: As per the sources, the Congress has approached Mayawati Bahujan Samaj party this afternoon as results indicated that Madhya Pradesh might be heading for the spilled verdict which several exit polls have predicted. Mayawati is believed to have called her leaders for a meeting in Delhi after senior Congress leader Kamal Nath contacted.

On the other end, Mr.Nath shows the confidence that his party would win “lock, stock, and barrel” in the state. But through the day, the leads between the Congress and the BJP, but failed to touch the majority mark 116 and the state three-time Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan analysied that he would win a fourth term.

Sachin Pilot the State Congress in-charge said “ Even though we are certain we will have the numbers by ourselves, I would like to reach out to other like-minded parties and leaders to form the government”

Congress and the BSP seat sharing talks for the three state fell when the Rajasthan Congress obejected, arguing that they could win the election on their own and the BSP could just get in the way.

However, Kamal Nath indicate that  in Madhya Pradesh, the Bahujan Samaj Party had asked for seats that they had very little chance of winning.

Earlier, TS Singh the senior leader of Congress said that he was open to an alliance with Mayawati or any like-minded leader to beat the BJP.

In four seats of Madhya Pradesh the BSP is currently leading , five in Rajasthan and eight in Chhattisgarh, where she has an alliance with Ajit Jogi, the state first Chief Minister, who quit Congress and floted his own party in June 2016.

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