Sonia Gandhi Slams Modi Government for Delhi Clashes, Demands Amit Shahs Resignation - TNBCLive

On Wednesday, Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi blamed the Union government for the prevailing violent situation in Delhi. Ms Gandhi said Union Home Minister Amit Shah must take responsibility for the violence in the capital state and resign. The anti-CAA protest of the last two days has taken the lives of 21 people and left at least 200 injured. 

While speaking at a press conference at the Congress headquarters in Delhi, she asked, “What was the Home Minister doing since last week? What was the Home Minister doing earlier this week? Why were the paramilitary forces not called in earlier when the Home Ministry saw the situation worsening.” 

Without naming Amit Shah, she said that “The central government, including the Home Minister, responsible. The Congress party demands that he resign immediately.”

“There is a conspiracy behind the violence, and the country also saw this during Delhi elections. Many BJP leaders made inciting comments creating an atmosphere of fear and hatred”, she added. 

She also referred to the BJP leader’s speech where he had given an ultimatum to Delhi Police to remove anti-CAA protesters within three days and if failed to do so he would take matters in his own hands. 

She accused both the centre and the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government of not taking adequate steps on time to stop violence in Delhi. Sonia Gandhi went on saying that the Delhi Chief Minister must be visible in the affected areas and stay in constant communication with people. 

In his first reaction to the violence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a tweet and wrote, “Peace and harmony are central to our ethos. I appeal to my sisters and brothers of Delhi to maintain peace and brotherhood at all times. It is important that there is calm and normalcy is restored at the earliest.” 

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