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On Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi said that shopkeepers here dumping plastic and garbage into drains will be prosecuted.

In a WhatsApp message to reporters, she said that municipal authorities “will prosecute every day the shopkeepers throwing their business waste into drains.”

Ms. Bedi stated that a drive had been already introduced and defaulters are being issued for challan slips.

The L-G advice shopkeepers to put solid waste and garbage into bins and said that workers should attach with Swachchta Corporation would collect the waste.

People must realize that the government is raising funds via community participation to clean choked drains that cause flooding in inundate shops and residential areas in lying areas, said Ms. Bedi.

She continued that “it is shopkeepers who are throwing their business waste into drains,” added asking that why they could not put garbage or waste in bins of their own.

L-G reports that the trader’s associations were also sponsored for drain cleaning and stated that “shopkeepers should stop putting garbage and plastic into drains.”

“The choice is of the shopkeepers: to be fined or law abiding. They should be better citizens,” added Ms. Bedi in her WhatsApp message.

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