Shivraj Chauhan: “Home May Be Small, But Heart As Big As Ever” - TNBCLive

Bhopal: The three-time Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Chauhan has moved into his new home after his election defeat. He tweeted “it is smaller than before but the heart is big as ever

Mr. Chouhan Tweeted “ From today, I will meet you on my new accommodation B-8 74 bungalow. The house is smaller than before, but the heart is as big as ever. Feel free to keep coming and meet me, the doors of my house are always open for you. This life is dedicated to you only”

After the election, Mr. Chouhan 59, has endeared himself even to rivals with his positive spirit after losing an election. To support Successor Kamal Nath, Mr. Chouhan attended the Oath ceremony and even smiled for the cameras while posing with Congress leaders in the stage.

During a visit to his constituency Buddni, he assured people that he would be there for them, borrowing a popular Bollywood film phrase to say: “ Tiger Abhi Zinda hai” (Tiger is still alive). He also announced that he would visit every village in the state in a mass contact programme.

For the Congress Mr. Chouhan put up a very strong fight in the election, setting up a tough challenge, which fell just short of a majority and needed the support of Mayawati’s BSP to cross the finishing line.

The former chief minister asserted that he was not leaving the state indicating that he would play a major role as the BJP prepares for the 2019 national polls.

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