‘SheshNaag,’ a 2.8 km-long train operated by Indian Railways for the first time - TNBCLive

Indian Railways achieves another milestone by operating 2.8 km-long train amalgamating four empty BOXN rakes. The super-long train has been named ‘SheshNaag’ which is the longest train ever to run on Indian Railways. India is now running trains with a restricted capacity to carry stranded people different parts of the country or people travelling in emergency cases.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal lauded the achievement and tweeted, “The record 2.8 km long freight train was successfully operated by the Railways. This experiment of connecting 4 rakes to run on the long train named Sheshnag was successful. This allows more goods to be sent from one place to another at a time.”

In another tweet, the Union Minister said, “Sheshnag Running on Track: Boosting freight transportation, Railways has run 251 wagons with 4 trains combined together, totalling to 2.8 km, between Nagpur & Korba.”

The South East Central Railway zone of the Indian Railways achieved the incredible feat. Passenger train operations are totally suspended all over the country due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the railways are largely operating freight trains.

The national transporter one week ago, tweeted from its official Twitter handle, that it has run a 177-coach freight train named ‘Super Anaconda’. “Taking a big leap in reducing the transit time of freight trains, Bilaspur division of SECR broke yet another frontier by joining & running 3 loaded trains (more than 15000 tonnes) in ‘Anaconda’ formation through Bilaspur & Chakradharpur divisions.”

The railway authority is trying to move multiple freight rakes together as it helps in saving the transportation time and also help in the decongestion of the rail route.

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